Costs and Filing Fees

If you need copies of your decree or your Domestic Relations Court Order, call the Clerk of Courts at 732-7832.



Dissolution with Children $350
Dissolution without Children $300
Divorce with Children $400
Divorce without Children $325
Complaint for Custody $215
Complaint for Support $215
Counterclaim $50
Parental Investigation $250
Notice by Publications $550
Registration of Foreign Decree $50
Registration of Foreign Decree with Motion for Enforcement or Modification $215
Post Decree Motion $165
Garnishment $50
Foreign County Sheriff Service $60
Witness fees (per day) plus mileage $12
Appeal to Court of Appeals $225

NOTE: The Clerk’s Office charges $1 per page for all pleadings and $3 per page for all orders and decisions.

Payment Methods:
The Clerk of Courts does not accept credit card payments.  They only accept cash, checks and money orders.  Please make checks payable to: Common Pleas Clerk of Courts.


**Note:  This is a deposit only.  Court costs will be calculated at the end of the proceeding.  If court costs exceed the deposit, the balance due must be paid before final decree or entry will be filed.**