Local Rules Change

June 18, 2018 – Community Input Invited on Changes to Local Rules

Clermont County Domestic Relations Court invites citizens and members of the bar to comment on changes to the Local Rules.  DR 27 is amended to require attendance of a parenting seminar when a Dissolution is filed.  DR 29(E) is amended to set forth the process in filing a comment or complaint regarding the performance of a Guardian ad litem.   If adopted, the changes will become effective September 1, 2018.


Comments should be sent to Clermont County Domestic Relations Court Administrator, Suzie Malloni.  Comments can be emailed to smalloni@clermontcountyohio.gov .

Comments will be accepted through July 31, 2018.


DR 27.   Divorce Counseling



DR 29.  Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

(E)   Complaint Process.  Any comments or complaints regarding a GAL’s performance must be submitted in writing to the Court Administrator.  The Court Administrator will forward any comments and complaints to the Judge for consideration and appropriate action.  The Court Administrator will notify the person making the comment or complaint and the GAL of the disposition.   A record of the complaint and disposition will be included in the GAL’s file and annual Court performance review.